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French Onion Soup 4.99

Today's Homemade Soup cup 2.99 bowl 3.99



Steak Walnut Cheddar
Fresh lettuce mix, char grilled CAB top sirloin,
melted cheddar cheese, toasted walnuts,
shredded carrot, tomato, red onion,
cucumber and dressing choice 13.99

Crisp romaine lettuce, shredded parmesan
cheese and garlic cheese croutons
tossed with Classic Caesar dressing 8.49

Salmon Tostada
fresh char grilled salmon, our lettuce mix
on a grilled flour tortilla, melted cheddar-jack
cheese, grilled red peppers, sweet corn,
black beans, green onions, tomato, carrot,
fresh avocado 11.99 Chicken Tostada 9.99

Coconut Chicken
Crisp coconut chicken breast, fresh lettuce mix,
toasted pecans, crumbled bleu cheese,
sundried cherries, red onion, carrot, cucumber
and tomato with honey raspberry vinaigrette 9.99

Fresh lettuce mix, tomato, carrot, cucumber,
red onion and garlic cheese croutons 7.49
Small Garden 3.99/2.99 with other food purchase

Memories Cobb
Fresh lettuce mix, roasted turkey breast,
smoked ham, crisp bacon, American
and Swiss cheese, hardboiled egg, tomato,
carrot, cucumber and red onion 9.99


fresh lettuce mix, feta cheese, tomato, black olives, carrot, cucumber,
beets, red onion and banana peppers with our feta Greek dressing 8.49


Add to any salad grilled chicken breast 4. jumbo shrimp 5. fresh salmon 6. top sirloin 9. Cheese .75

Dressing choices
Bleu cheese, Caesar, Greek, French, Honey Mustard, Low-cal Red Wine Italian,
Ranch, Thousand Island, Balsamic and Honey Raspberry Vinaigrette



All sandwiches are grilled/chilled by request
Include fresh hot potato chips and a pickle spear
You may substitute any bread for your sandwich
*Gluten free bread available add 1.


Substitute instead of chips
french fries 1.00 sweet potato fries 1.50 onion rings 2.00


Grilled Cheese Deluxe
American cheese with crisp bacon
and tomato on white, wheat or rye bread 7.99
Cheese only 5.99

French Dip
Warm roast beef and melted Swiss cheese,
served on our grilled French roll with au jus 8.99

Eastern Market Reuben
Wiggly corned beef , sauerkraut,
Swiss cheese and our reuben sauce
on grilled marbled rye 8.99

Single Deck Club
Roasted turkey breast, smoked ham,
crisp bacon, lettuce, tomato,
cheddar cheese and mayonnaise
on two slices of white, wheat or rye bread 8.99

Slim Jimmy
Smoked ham and Swiss on a grilled hoagie roll,
lettuce, tomato, pickles and special sauce 8.49

Island Chicken Croissant
Char grilled chicken breast, grilled pineapple,
swiss cheese, Asian mayo, lettuce and tomato 8.49

Fresh grilled vegetables with lettuce, tomato,
provolone cheese on whole wheat bread 7.99

Chicken Caesar Wrap
Fresh romaine lettuce, grilled chicken breast,
parmesan cheese, crushed croutons and
Caesar dressing in our fresh tortilla wrap 8.49

Turkey Reuben
Roasted turkey breast, coleslaw,
Swiss cheese, reuben sauce on marbled rye 8.49




All Entrees are served with a small garden salad or cup of soup and fresh vegetable of the day
Bread with butter and choice of one side unless noted*

Substitute French Onion soup add 1.99


Memories Jambalaya*
Shrimp, sea scallops, chicken breast,
Andouille sausage, celery, onion,
peppers, tomatoes and rice in Cajun broth 14.99

Jumbo Butterflied Shrimp
8 lightly breaded shrimp,
fresh lemon and cocktail sauce 11.99

Fish & Chips*
Beer battered Atlantic Cod
with French fries, fresh lemon
and our homemade tartar sauce 9.99

Bourbon Salmon
Char grilled fresh Atlantic fillet
glazed with our bourbon sauce 13.99


Wasabi Ahi Tuna
Char grilled tuna steak with mild wasabi sauce,
spring mix greens, fresh lemon and wasabi sesame seeds 14.99


Chicken, Ribs and Steak

Hawaiian Chicken
Crisp coconut chicken breast,
our apricot honey horseradish sauce
and grilled pineapple 10.99

BBQ St. Louis Style Texas Ribs

Fall off the bone tender pork ribs,
brushed with our special BBQ sauce
1/2 slab 12.99 Full slab 17.99.

Chicken Artichoke
Tender chicken breast
sautéed with artichoke hearts and capers
in our lemon garlic butter wine sauce 11.99

Sundried Cherry Pork loin
grilled bacon wrapped 7oz. boneless chop
with our sundried cherry apple sauce 10.99

10oz. CAB New York Strip
A lean and juicy steak,
char grilled to your preference,
doused with our house zip sauce 17.99

8oz. CAB Top Sirloin
Flavorful sirloin, char grilled, smothered
with fresh grilled mushrooms and onions 14.99

12oz. CAB Ribeye
The best char grilled steak ever,
house zip sauce and onion ring garnish 19.99

Beef Stroganoff
A half pound of CAB top sirloin steak
sauteed with fresh mushrooms and sweet onions
in our mushroom sour cream sauce 14.99


Chicken & Steak Kebobs
Teriyaki marinated chicken breast and
CAB top sirloin steak, one of each skewered
with fresh vegetables then char grilled 15.99


Share a plate - $5. includes extra portions of salad or soup, fresh vegetable and choice of one side

Sides ala carte 2.99
fresh vegetable, coleslaw, grilled redskin potatoes, rice pilaf, Spanish rice, French fries,
mashed potatoes, sweet potato fries, mac & cheese, onion rings, potato gnocchi-sauce choice




*gluten free pasta available add $1.

*Cajun Chicken and Shrimp*
5 large shrimp, chicken breast, peppers,
onions, garlic, tomatoes and penne pasta
sautéed with our Cajun cream sauce 13.99

Beef Ravioli*
Delicious large beef ravioli sauced with
marinara, topped with parmesan cheese 11.99

*Pasta Florentine*
Penne pasta and fresh spinach tossed
with our garlic parmesan cream Alfredo sauce 9.99
Add chicken breast 4. fresh salmon 6. shrimp 5.

Eggplant Parmesan*

Lightly breaded baby eggplant, marinara sauce,
mozzarella and parmesan cheese
with angel hair pasta 10.99


*Pesto & Sundried Tomato*
Our delicious basil pesto sauce, penne pasta,
sundried tomatoes and parmesan cheese 11.99




All burgers are served with French fries and a pickle spear

Three mini burgers grilled on diced onions,
served on homemade buns with mustard,
ketchup and pickle chips 7.49

Memories Burger
A half pound of CAB
char grilled to perfection,
served with lettuce, tomato,
onion and pickle chips
1/2lb. 7.99 too big?
1/4lb. CAB burger 6.49

Mushroom and Swiss

CAB burger,
fresh grilled mushrooms and melted swiss cheese
1/2lb. 8.99 1/4lb. 7.49

Grilled vegetable burger served with
lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickle chips 6.99

Bacon Bleu
CAB burger, melted bleu cheese and crisp bacon
1/2lb. 9.49 1/4lb. 7.99

Jalapeno Jack
CAB burger, melted Monterey jack cheese
and spicy jalapeno peppers 1/2lb. 8.99 1/4lb. 7.49

BBQ Bacon Cheddar
CAB burger, crisp bacon, onion ring,
BBQ sauce with cheddar cheese
1/2lb. 9.49 1/4lb. 7.99


Substitute sweet potato fries 1.00 onion rings 2.00


Choose any extras
American, Cheddar, Swiss, Provolone, Parmesan,
Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Feta, Bleu or Cream cheese .75

Grilled Mushrooms, Onions or Pineapple
Banana or Jalapeno peppers, Olives (black or green), Coleslaw .50

Fried Egg, Bacon, Ham or Turkey 1.00


Homemade crust with delicious tomato sauce, mozzarella provolone cheese, extra $ available items:
Pepperoni, Ham, Ground Beef, Sausage, Bacon, Mushrooms, Pineapple, Green peppers, Broccoli,
Feta/Bleu/Monterey Jack/Cheddar/Swiss/Parmesan cheese, Red or White onion,
Black or Green olives, Tomatoes, Anchovies, Spinach, Banana or Jalapeno peppers
Small (6 slices) 7.99 extra item .50 Medium (8) 9.99 extra item 1.00 Large (12) 11.99 extra item 1.50

Small gluten free cheese pizza 9.99 each item.50

Mozzarella and parmesan cheese
covered with tomatoes and fresh basil
sm 8.99 md 11.99 lg 13.99

Ranch dressing, cheddar
and mozzarella cheese, ham, bacon,
lettuce, tomato and black olives
sm 9.99 md 12.99 lg 14.99

Pepperoni, sausage, ham,
green pepper, onion and black olives
sm 9.99 md 13.99 lg 15.99

Mayonnaise, mozzarella cheese,
bacon, lettuce and tomato
sm 8.99 md 11.99 lg 13.99

Choose chicken or beef with onion,
our BBQ sauce, cheddar and mozzarella cheese
sm 8.99 md 11.99 lg 13.99

Pepperoni, feta cheese, tomatoes,
banana peppers and black olives
sm 9.99 md 12.99 lg 14.99

Meat Lover
Pepperoni, sausage, ham,
bacon and ground beef
sm 9.99 md 13.99 lg 15.99

Ham, bacon and pineapple
sm 8.99 md 11.99 lg 13.99

Mushrooms, green pepper,
tomato, onion, broccoli and spinach
sm 8.99 md 11.99 lg 13.99

Fresh eggs, cream, cheddar, mozzarella,
parmesan cheese, bacon and ham
sm 9.99 md 12.99

Stuffed cheese pizza 7.99
extra item .50

Garlic butter breadsticks
Fresh and hot, served with your choice
of pizza sauce or ranch dressing
3.99 add cheese 1.50


Garlic Cheese Bread
Garlic butter, mozzarella and parmesan cheese
served with your choice of pizza sauce
or ranch dressing 7.99 extra item .50

We reserve the right to raise prices without notice.

20% Gratuity will be added to all parties of 8 guests or more Thank you!